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Every child is born with child rights that no one can take away. Every child has the right to know their rights.

Consensus Building Discussions

The FAQs are the outcome of the CBD – Consensus Building Discussions. CBD is an ongoing process. It is held with teachers, school counsellors,  principals and decision makers on the utility and implementation of Project CACA in companionship with various circulars/ guidelines/ advisories/ notifications issued time to time by various School Boards, NCPCR/ SCPCR, Supreme Court, Directorates of School Education on children safety related matters. Till date, more than 1,000 schools have participated in it. The discussions were held at various host institutions where other schools were also invited like at

IIT – Delhi; IISER – Mhali; ST. Marks School – Delhi; Manav Rachna International School – Fardabad; Salwan Public School – Gurugram; KL International School – Meerut; Gurukul the School – Gaziabad; FDRC – AWES – Delhi; Army Public School – Delhi; – CBSE Sahodya Complex – Chennai; Vidyashilp Academy – Bangalore; CM International – Pune; Bhartiya Viday Bhawan AKRR – Hyderadab; Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) – Delhi; Governing Council meeting of Western Region Catholic Association for Education (WRCAE) – Mumbai; DIstirct Session Court (DLSA) – Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

The forum on our website is complementary to the CBD.

Q1. What are the deliverables to a school (Kindergarten to 12) under Project CACA?

Q2. Are CACA safety Workbook Series relevant to only a particular School Board?

Q3. Why has project CACA chosen to have safety workbooks for children as its prime component and not the workshops?

Q4. How can we correlate project CACA with the safety policy of our school?

Q5. Who has written these safety workbooks?


How was project CACA born?

Q6. Can educating children on such a sensitive issue backfire?


How will our teachers talk about such sensitive topics with children?


What if, after reading these workbooks, children ask their teachers/parents embarrassing questions?


Students learn how to use a compass to draw circles from their teachers, but then the same compass can be used as a weapon by the students. Should we teach the use of a compass to students?


What challenges teachers face while teaching these safety workbooks?

Q7. Don’t you think these workbooks will be an overdose to children on abuse?

Q8. Are these safety workbooks based on psychometric tests?


Are they about sex education/ martial arts?


Do these workbooks have explicit images/graphics?

Q9. Do these workbooks teach disrespect to elders?

Q10. How many periods do we have to allot in in the time table for the safety workbooks?

Q11. Are these workbooks available in Regional languages also?

Q12. We are a CBSE/ CISCE school in the Middle East country. Can we prescribe the safety workbooks to our students?

Q13. Can we evaluate these safety workbooks for children just like any other life skill or moral science book?

Q14. Do you provide with a teachers’ Manual/ Guidelines for these safety workbooks?”


What are the core principles/ Learning Outcomes of CACA Safety Workbooks?

Q15. How do we implement Project CACA in our school?

Q16. Why do you need a coordinator from our (school) side for the project?


Who should be the coordinator from our (school) side for the project?

Q17. From where do you get your resource persons to conduct the various workshops?

Q18. Can we involve our existing booksellers for purchase of CACA safety workbooks in our school?


Are these workbooks available online for purchase?

Q19. Can we conduct only the workshops under Project CACA with your help for our school?


Can we buy these workbooks as reference workbooks for our library?


Can we photocopy the workbooks and use them for our students?

Q20. We are a teachers training institute. Can you conduct workshops for our trainee teachers?

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