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Children are explorers. They need safe places where they can freely move, experiment and investigate. Asking children not to run, jump or climb is akin to saying “do not breathe.” It is our responsibility to provide safe places for children.

Project CACA – Assessment

From the academic year 2019-20 onwards, another democratic process, “Assessment”, was added to project CACA. It had two rounds – Round 1 (Quantitative) and Round 2 (Qualitative). Round 1 was in the form of a questionnaire to be filled out by the teachers who were teaching the CACA Safety Workbooks to children. Round 2 was in the form of an interview with the teachers who had participated in Round 1. The interviews for Round 2 were conducted online by the assessment team members. To begin with, 12 schools as a pilot based on first come, first serve were shortlisted for Round 1. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic outbreak, the assessment process (round 2) could not be completed, and the results could not be published. The process has been reinstated from 2023-24 onwards.


Assessment Year: 2019-20 (pilot)

Status: Incomplete

Participating schools:  

  1. Ananda academy, Nainital Uttrakhand
  2. Anekant English Medium school,Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra
  3. Assam Rifles Public School, Kohima, Nagaland
  4. Army Public School, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
  5. Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura, Delhi
  6. Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini, Delhi
  7. Bal Bharati Public school, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  8. Blue Bird Senior Secondary School, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
  9. Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu
  10. SD Public School, East Patel Nagar, Delhi
  11. St. Norbert School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  12. Sudharasanam Vidhyaasharam Poonamallee, Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu
  13. Vidya Pratisthan’s New English Medium School, Pune-Baramati, Maharashtra

Assessment Title: Challenges for teaching “Children Safety Workbook Series”.

Objective: To develop a pragmatic tool for the assessment and improve the efficacy of the workbooks.

Challenges Categories:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Conceptual
  3. Age appropriateness
  4. Image explicitness
  5. Evaluation
  6. Unintentional outcome
  7. Others


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