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Child Rights: The right to early childhood care and education until they complete six years (Article 45). | The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.

Project CACA – Surveys

Survey #02

Status – Ongoing

Survey Title: Gender Stereotype Breaking (Illustrations)

Objective: To design and develop illustrations for project CACA that break gender stereotypes in the Indian context.

Gender Stereotype: Gender is related to various roles and behaviours that the society expects from people. They are not made by nature. For example, ‘men are physically stronger than women’ is nature made but ‘women should do the household chores and men should be bread winners’ is made by the society. Gender stereotypes refer to clichés which a man or woman is supposed to do or be like.

Project CACA Definition: Project CACA, Children Against Child Abuse is an institution (school) driven and rights-based preventive safety programme for schools to keep our children happy, healthy and safe. It is based on life skills and value education teaching and covers child rights, gender equality and abuse prevention.

Conducted by: Social Axiom Foundation – SAF, the parent organization of Project CACA.

Partner: Edusynergies

The survey contains 20 images/illustrations. Participants have to mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the check box for each image depending upon whether they think the image/illustration breaks the gender stereotype or not .

Participation criteria: Any person above the age of 16 years is eligible to participate.

Mode: Online

Results-1: Data available as per 31st August 2021

Results-2: Data available as per 31st May 2022

Results-3: Data available as per 30th June 2023


Survey #01

Status – Over

Survey Title: How create awareness in children about child sexual abuse (CSA)?

Objective: To establish the utility of children awareness books on CSA.

Conducted by: Social Axiom Foundation – SAF, the parent organization of Project CACA.

Partner: Edusynergies

Participants: Parents And Teachers

Results: Available

CartCACA Workbooks