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                                                                                              Project CACA, Since 2016
Child Rights: The right to early childhood care and education until they complete six years (Article 45). | The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.

Project CACA – Research/Opinions

Social Axiom Foundation (SAF), the parent organisation of Project CACA (Children Against Child Abuse), regularly conducts surveys/opinion polls in partnership with Edusynergies and other organisations. The surveys help us in research work and provide input to the Project’s various instruments and resources. They are part of the different democratic processes the Project follows for its development and implementation. The respondents/participants in these surveys are primarily people associated with schools, like parents, teachers, principals, non-teaching staff, school counsellors, and management. The survey contains close-ended questions. Participants must select any one of the options in the check box for each question. Some survey questions are part of the learning outcomes questionnaires for the online training/sensitisation webinars for teachers, parents and non-teaching staff.

                                                          List of Surveys

Survey #04

Survey Title: Workplace safety and gender equality in schools in the context of the PoSH Act.


Status: Ongoing

Result: Data available as on 17th May 2024


Survey #03

Survey Title: Children’s Safety and Wellbeing in the context of schools.


Survey Part 3a 

Survey Title: Children’s Safety and Wellbeing – Academic/Pedagogical Aspect (Life Skills & Moral Science).


Status: Ongoing

Result: Data available as on


Sub Part 3b

Survey Title: Children’s Safety and Wellbeing – Academic, Legal and Psychological Aspects.

Launch: 3rd October 2023

Status: Ongoing

Result: Data available as on 10th November 2023


Survey #02

Title: Breaking Gender Stereotypes through Illustrations.

Launch: 20th February 2021

Status – Ongoing

Results-1: Data available as on 31st August 2021

Results-2: Data available as on 31st May 2022

Results-3: Data available as on 30th June 2023


Survey #01

Title: A School-Driven Approach for Child Abuse Prevention. 

Launch: 23rd July 2016

Status: Closed

Results: Available

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