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                                                                                              Project CACA, Since 2016
Children are also citizens. They, too, have rights like other citizens. They also have special rights called child rights. | The right to an identity (articles 7 and 8). | The right to equality (Article 14) | The right against discrimination (article 15). | The right of minorities for protection of their interests (article 29) | The right to education (article 28) | The right to an opinion (article 12 and 13) | The right to privacy.

Resources – Character Canvas

This booklet is undeniable evidence of our firm commitment to the principle that “Being Different Doesn’t Mean Being Unequal.” Addressed to educators, it emphasizes your crucial role in cultivating inclusivity and acceptance. Serving as a valuable resource, the booklet delves into diverse character profiles, spanning age groups, cultural backgrounds, medical conditions, and aspirations. These profiles encourage meaningful conversations, challenging stereotypes, fostering empathy, and promoting unity among students. By engaging with these characters, students gain the tools to champion equality, embrace diversity, and actively contribute to building a more inclusive society.

CartCACA Workbooks