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Pradeep – Director for Implementation – Project CACA

Pradeep is the Director for implementation of Project CACA – Children Against Child Abuse. Over the last couple of years, he has conducted multiple sensitisation and awareness workshops for teachers, parents and non-teaching staff of schools across India on child rights, child sexual abuse, and various laws related to protection and safety of children. His participation in the programme on Combating Violence Against Women and Girls at National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development and at various public discussions on women and children safety has made him passionate about bringing a change in the way we face, challenge and address the real and grave threat to our children.

Vikas Nautiyal – Director for Advocacy – Project CACA

He is a rationalist with subject learning in physics from Delhi University. He is a strong promoter of scientific temper in the school system. He has taught astronomy to students and teachers in schools across India for more than two decades. His working domain expertise is schools from policy to grass root levels. He regularly advocates rationalism in various national TV news channels. He is a strong advocate for Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Act. He founded Leo Planetaria in 2007 and has played a pivotal role in bringing digital planetarium technology to India at grass root levels. In 2016, he extended his sphere of activities to create sensitisation cum awareness on child rights, gender equality and child abuse in schools. He is actively associated with Project CACA Children Against Child Abuse as its Project Director – Advocacy.

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