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                                                                                              Project CACA, Since 2016
We must treat others the same way we would want them to treat us. | Nobody likes bullying behaviour. | Both the bully and he one who is being bullied need counselling. | Be a buddy, not a bully. | As a bystander, you can help stop taunting and bullying.

Project CACA – Project Detail

                                                       Prevention is better than cure.

The Project is research and curriculum-based intervention that follows a democratic chain of processes for its development and implementation. The Project is committee driven with focus on prevention of child sexual abuse. It covers legal, psychological and academic aspects of our children’s safety and wellbeing. It comprises multiple instruments and resources built around the core instrument, CACA Safety Workbooks. These instruments and resources form a set of deliverables addressed to all the stakeholders, children, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff of a school. The Project’s self-sustainability lies in the CACA Safety Workbooks paid circulation in schools. The prescription of the CACA Safety workbooks in the school booklist initiates the Project implementation process.

Salient Points


  • Co-scholastic, Interdisciplinary and integrated as per New National Education Policy 2020.
  • 10 World Health Organisation Life Skills, NEP 21st Century Skills and Moral Science (Constitutional and 21st Century Values) – based CACA Safety Workbooks’ chapters easily blend with existing timetable periods of Computer Science, Science, Social Science, English Language, Physical Education, and Environmental Science – EVS. After all, our children’s safety and wellbeing are collaborative efforts.


  • Covers what is prescribed regarding our children’s safety and wellbeing for children’s safety and wellbeing in NEP 2020 and NCERT – National Curriculum Framework Ver 1.0.
  • With various circulars, notifications, and guidelines by various authorities that a school must abide by like POCSO Rule Gazette Notification, Exhibition of Komal video to children, POCSO/ Cyber Safety/ Anti Bullying/ Disaster Management/ Food Safety Committees formation, and a lot more.


  • The Project begins with a webinar-based interactive teachers’ training on the pedagogy of the workbooks. Pink Book
  • For our children, the Project unfolds as their safety workbooks in their timetable periods years after year.
  • For teachers, parents and non-teaching staff, the Project unfolds as training/sensitisation webinars on various topics related to children’s safety and wellbeing years after year.
  • For parents and non-teaching staff the webinars are in English, Hindi, and various regional languages. Judges, Panel Advocates, Psychologists, Social Workers and other subject matter experts from our in-house team and supportive and partner organisations conduct the webinars.
  • The blue, green, and red companion booklets for parents, teachers and non-teaching staff are in English, Hindi, and regional languages.
  • Picture books (UKG to 3)Supplementary worksheetsAnimated chapter videos, and
  • Posters for display in school.
  • Online Assessment of various teaching challenges for the workbooks faced by teachers.
  • E-Certificates for teachers for online training, for school for Project Implementation and training cum opinion poll report-card of teachers online training.
  • National School Psychology Quiz for schools – Psych-Ed
  • Guidance and assistance on formulation of a safety policy and committees.


  • The last page of each Safety Workbook showcases the Project CACA safety programme’s statement and bibliography.
  • Embedded QR codes: All resources like companion booklets (Blue, Green and Red), Teacher’s Manual, Picture books (UKG to 3), Supplementary worksheets, Animated chapter videos, and Posters for display in school are embedded as QR codes on the second last page of each CACA Safety Workbook.
  • All QR code based deliverable material and Psych-Ed Quiz are provided for free. Schools, NGOs, and Govt. organisations/agencies may use them as per their requirement with due credit given to Project CACA.

              Institutions should not preserve the problems to which they are a solution.

The Project is being implemented across India in CBSE/CISCE/State/Foreign Board affiliated individual as well as group schools including Meghalaya Govt. Schools under Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. And, in many, religious minority schools like Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Jain. The project is collaborative effort, developed and implemented with the help of partner organisations like NGO – Counsel to Secure Justice, Fortis Mental Health Care and Behavioral Sciences, Edusynergies and supportive organization like State Commissions for Protections of Child Rights, State/District Legal Services Authorities and more.

The Project’s 7 instruments are:

  1. Core Instrument – CACA Safety Workbooks (UKG to class 9, Class 10- upcoming)
  2. Research – Surveys/Opinion Polls
  3. Peer Reviews
  4. Assessment for teaching challenges
  5. Webinars – Training/Sensitisation of teachers, parents, and non-teaching staff.
  6. Litigation and Psychosocial support for POCSO survivors.
  7. National School Psychology Quiz for schools – Psych-Ed

The Project’s 6 resources are:

  1. Companion booklets (Blues, Green and Red) for teachers, parents, and non-teaching staff.
  2. Teachers’ Manual – Pink Book
  3. Posters for display in school.
  4. Videos based on workbooks’ chapters.
  5. Supplementary Worksheets
  6. Picture Books
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