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We must treat others the same way we would want them to treat us. | Nobody likes bullying behaviour. | Both the bully and he one who is being bullied need counselling. | Be a buddy, not a bully. | As a bystander, you can help stop taunting and bullying.

Project CACA – Project Detail

‘Institutions should not preserve the problems to which they are a solution.’

The issues of child rights, gender equality and child abuse are not limited to any particular school. They are relevant to any Indian School that is affiliated to central, state or foreign board. Life skills (the 10 life skills by the World Health Organisation – WHO) are universal and so are the values based on the duties and morals as reflected in fundamental duties and the preamble of the Indian Constitution.

Project CACA, Children Against Child Abuse is an institution (school) driven and rights-based preventive safety programme for schools to keep our children happy, healthy and safe. It is based on life skills and value education teaching and covers child rights, gender equality and abuse prevention. It is implemented as a safety policy of the school. It follows a child-centric and holistic approach that involves all the stakeholders, i.e., children, parents, teachers and non-teaching/support staff. Social Axiom Foundation (SAF) is the parent NGO of Project CACA. The project is implemented with the help of various partner and supportive govt./non govt. organisations.

Project Instruments/ Deliverables

A. Safety Workbooks for children (UKG to class 9)

‘A good book is a good friend, indeed.’

CACA Safety Workbook series for children is the core instrument of the project. The workbooks are supplied to schools under paid circulation. They are prescribed by the school in its booklist under life skills and/or value education subject.


B. Training, Resources and a National quiz (Olympiad)

i. Academic, legal and psychological awareness cum sensitisation workshops (webinar-based) for parents, teachers and non-teaching/support staff.

ii. Resources like Pink Book (teachers’ manual), Green and Blue companion booklets for parents and teachers and Orange companion booklet for nonteaching/ support staff are available through QR Codes printed on each workbook and at www.projectcaca.org. The resource booklets are available in English, Hindi and various regional languages.

iii. Olympiad-PSYCH-ED, national psychology quiz for school students (Parent Organisation – Fortis, Dept. of mental health and behavioural science).

C. Assessment

The qualitative and quantitative assessment is conducted annually for the challenges faced by teachers for teaching the CACA Safety Workbooks. The assessment serves as a feedback mechanism for the improvement of the workbooks.

D. Certificates

i. E-Certificates are provided at the end of each academic year to the participating school, the school project coordinator and the principal by SAF for the project/safety policy implementation, collaboration and coordination.

ii. E-Certificates are also awarded to the participants of workshops and assessment.

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