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When children feel ignored, or even just a bit out of favour with us, it rattles them, and fear shows up in their limit-pushing behaviour. Reassuring hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’ will certainly help to mend these bridges, but the messages of love that matter the most are heard through our patience, empathy, acceptance, respectful leadership, and the genuine interest we take in knowing our child.


Inviting applications for the Post of Advocacy Ambassadors – Job Description

Apply here for the same

Inviting RCI Certified Clinical Psychologists 

Greetings from Project CACA!

We are inviting RCI Certified Clinical Psychologists to conduct online clinical/psychological workshops on an honorarium basis on the topics: Understanding CSA and how to deal with trauma, Mental Health, Peer-pressure, Bullying, Exam pressure, Body shaming, etc.

The audience will be principals and teachers from various schools across the country. The duration of one online workshop is 1.5 hours.  

Project CACA workshop status (www.projectcaca.org/training/):

1200+ Workshops
21 States
113 Districts
12000+ Teachers
2000+ Support Staff
1500+ Parents


  1. Good oratory skills.
  2. Speaking and reading proficiency in English. As an addition, proficiency in any regional language would be valuable.
  3. RCI Certified Clinical Psychologists. 
  4. Availability for a minimum of two (2) workshops in a week.

Support from SAF:

  • Coordination with schools 
  • Workshop scheduling 
  • Moderation
  • Software support 

We hope to receive your cooperation for capacity building and request you to kindly share a brief profile of yourself on the following email id – workshops@projectcaca.org  or call 9910705101 / 9953622674

As an Intern/ Volunteer

We offer flexible and adjustable timings/ tenures as per the need of an intern from a college/ university or a volunteer on personal interest. The minimum period of an internship is 30 working days in a year. Depending on the nature of the work, an interim/ volunteer may have to come to our office or work from home or travel to different places for groundwork implementation of project CACA.


All interns/ volunteers must at least be graduate or doing graduation from a college/ university in courses like Social Work/ Psychology/ Social Science/ Gender Studies/ Philosophy/ Law/ Statistic/ Computers. One must be able to provide a signed request letter from your college/university if wanting internship as a need from the college; if wanting to join as per personal interest and to gain experience, an application should be submitted in a format prescribed by us.


We have provision to pay honorariums and reimbursements on agreed upon expenses like travel, etc. one would incur during the course of working with us.

For Internship/ Volunteering Call Project Coordinator –  9910705101 or mail at info@projectcaca.org


  • Moderating/conducting awareness workshops on Gender Equality, Child Rights, CSA, Peer Pressure, Bullying, POCSO, JJA for school teachers/ non-teaching staff/ parents.
  • Advocacy in schools, various govt. organisations and NGOs
  • Digitalization of various components of project CACA
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content analysis/ development
  • Content translation in Indian Regional Languages
  • Content assessment
  • Conducting Surveys

Past Interns / Volunteers

  • Drishti Agarwal – Content Coordination – 2016-17 – Master’s in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work
  • Kritii Tikku – Content Coordination – 2016-17 – Master’s in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work
  • Jasmeen Sood – Content Coordination – 2016-17 – Master’s in psychology – Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Nishtha Grover – 2017-18 – Testing – Project Umbrella (IIT Kanpur) Teaching Aid – Masters in Psychology, Delhi University
  • Nalini Menon – 2017-18 – Content Coordination – PG in Gender Studies – Ambedkar University, Delhi
  • Muskam Dhaman – 2018-19 – Content Coordination – BA (Hons) – Psychology – Delhi University
  • Mansi Sharma – 2018-19 – Content Coordination – BA (Hons) – Psychology – Delhi University
  • Svadha – 2019-20 – Content Assessment – Master’s in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work, Delhi University – Final Year

As a Sponsor

We solicit for sponsorship under CSR (corporate social responsibility) from companies that believe in “The National Policy for Children 1974, Government of India, declares that the children are the ‘supreme asset of the nation’ and we believe empowerment of children can be the single most impactful step that can be taken to challenge and face the issue.”

The sponsorship is required for the following categories of work.

1. Digitalization of project CACA
2. Events like workshops for stakeholders on CSA, Consensus Building, etc
3. Conducting Surveys
4. R&D
5. Translation of project CACA in various Indian regional languages
6. Implementation of project CACA in Govt. and Budget Private Schools.

For Sponsorship Call Project Coordinator –  9910705101 or mail at info@projectcaca.org

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