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It is okay to be afraid or get angry, but one should always know what and who one is afraid or angry with, and one should always tell her/his loved ones about it. Remember, it is okay to be afraid and brave to tell.

Resources – Children Picture Books
(From Classes UKG to 2)

Children’s picture books help its young readers to connect with the main characters of the workbooks. The idea is to make young readers comfortable when it comes to sharing their personal feelings and incidents through the various activities of the workbooks. The QR codes for the picture books are embedded in the workbooks.

Dear Children!
Sana and Arpit will be your companions as you journey through your safety workbooks. The three musketeers are childhood friends, and enjoy learning skills. Sometimes, they come across situations when they are not sure what to do. At times, they talk to their friends, parents, grandparents and teachers, but their favourite advisor is their tiger friend, Pokso. He always helps them to be happy, healthy and safe. But you’re in this story too, because the three friends might need your help with some of their problems. Enjoy their antics and those of their friends and classmates as you make your very own journey to becoming an adult. Be safe!

CartCACA Workbooks