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                                                                                              Project CACA, Since 2016
I make mistakes growing up. I am not perfect; I am not a robot. | I was very different from everybody else growing up. I spoke a different language at home, I ate different food, and I looked different. So I could always relate to Aladdin in that way, being the outcast.

Resources – Videos

‘Komal’ is a short animated film on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Government of India and produced by NGO – CHILDLINE India Foundation. It is available in English, Hindi and various Indian languages. The girl, Komal, is like any other bright, sensitive and happy seven year – old. Her new neighbour – Mr Bakshi, who moved in with his wife, is her father’s old friend. Komal bonds with the affable Mr Bakshi with whom she has a whale of a time until she discovers Mr Bakshi’s bitter reality. The CHILDLINE (1098) Didi explains to the children the concept of safe and unsafe touch so that they can be better equipped to protect themselves and take help from trusted adults if ever caught in a similar situation.

The CACA safety workbooks are a companion to the Komal film. They cover the various safety principles mentioned in the film like Safe Touch, Unsafe Touch, Secrets, Trusted Grownups, Assertiveness, Telling, It is not your fault, It is okay to be afraid, and a lot more in age appropriate and progressive ways. These principles form basics for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Komal In English         Komal In Bengali          Komal In Assamese

Komal In Gujarati         Komal In Hindi              Komal In Kannada

Komal In Marathi         Komal In Malayalam     Komal In Punjabi

Komal In Tamil             Komal In Telegu             Komal In Urdu

Komal In Konkani        Komal In Kashmiri

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