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Every child should know about National Child Helpline Number : 1098 (Childline India Foundation) and POCSO E Box.

An empowered child changes everything!
We believe empowerment of children can be the single most impactful step to fight child sexual abuse.


Online complaint system
for Child Sexual Abuse

A film on CSA -
Child Sexual Abuse

Project CACA
Children Against
Child Abuse

“One can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few moments of one’s childhood.”

Project CACA is a child-centric, preventive and holistic project against Child Abuse in general Child Sexual Abuse in particular, child rights and gender equality. It creates a safety net for children through:

  • Age Appropriate and progressive safety workbooks based on WHO's life skills and Moral Science (Kindergarten to class 12).
  • Companion Parent teacher resource booklet.
  • Various sensitization/ awareness workshops for teachers, parents and non-teaching staff on child abuse, child rights and laws related to children like POCSO/JJA.

It is an institutional (school) driven child rights-based project that initiates behavior changes among the stakeholders in a school in particular and society at large. It is a collective move towards creating a better and healthier living environment for our children. The project creates a safety net for students by connecting the schools with various related Govt. and Non-Govt. Organisations.

Project CACA
Stake Holders

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers &
  • Non-Teaching Staff

Deliverables & Suggestions

CACA Safety Workbooks Series
Life Skill & Value Education
Kindergarten to 12th


Children Empowered
Family Reached

Partners & Supporters

Project CACA is institutional driven child rights based project for schools. It has been initiated by the NGO - Social Axiom Insignia, SAI. The project is developed and implemented as a collective effort of various partners and supportive Institutions/ NGO's/ Govt. Agencies/ Companies like :
Project Umbrella, IIT - Kanpur; Counsel to Secure Justice, Endzone, Edusynergies, I-Probono, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Health Care, District Legal Service Authorities, Child Welfare Committees, State commission for protection of child rights and more…


CACA Schools

CACA Schools are institutions affiliated to state, central and foreign boards that participate in project CACA. They firmly believe that: “Institutions should not preserve the problems to which they are solution.” These school take child rights as their duty. Keeping children at the centre these schools work under a framework of Trust. Responsibility and Collaboration rather than Authority, Accountability and Competition. “Let us remember, one book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”.


We solicit for sponsorship under CSR (corporate social responsibility) from companies that believe in "The National Policy for Children 1974, Government of India, declares that the children are the ‘supreme asset of the nation’ and we believe empowerment of children can be the single most impactful step that can be taken to challenge and face the issue."

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