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Trainee Teacher Survey

Tell children that no one should touch or look at their private parts. No one should ask them to touch or look at their private parts.
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21 to 2930 to 3940 to 4950 and above
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1. Have you heard about the problem of child sexual abuse?
2. Do you know that, in India, every second child (boy or girl) is reported to have faced one or more forms of child sexual abuse?
3. Do you know of any child or an adult who has been abused?
4. Do you agree that child abuse can occur anywhere, even in the most trusted institutions like a school or a family?
YesNoCannot Say
5. Do you agree that the problem of child sexual abuse is not well accepted in the society, and no one openly talks about it?
YesNoCannot Say
6. Do you agree that this problem is to be considered as the problem of the society as a whole rather than of a family or a school?
YesNoCannot Say
7. Are you aware of any child abuse helpline number such as 1098?
8. Are you aware of any child abuse law such as POCSO Act – Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Actintroduced by Govt. of India in the year 2012?
9. Are you aware of NCPCR and its role related to child rights?
10. Are you aware of NALSA and its free service being provided to children?
11. Are you aware of Child Welfare Committees and their role?
12. Are you aware of POCSO E Box?
13. Do you think that safety of a student in a school should be of paramount importance?
14. Do you agree that the school, as its social responsibility, should take proactive measures towards this problem by at least creating awareness amongst its stakeholders i.e. students, teachers, non Teaching Staff and last but not the least, parents?
YesNoCannot Say
15. Are you being taught about child sexual abuse in your institute?
16. Do you think that incorporating topics in the syllabus of teacher training institutes like yours will be a proactive measure towards handling/ solving this problem?
YesNoCannot Say
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