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Army HQ – Delhi Cantt., New Delhi, 28th November, 2016


NGO, Social Axiom Insignia (SAI) conducted a sensitization workshop under project CACA – Children Against Child Abuse on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) on 28 November, 2016 at Army Cantt., New Delhi. The workshop was conducted as per the directives of the Western Command and under the aegis of Major General – Rajesh Sahai for the wives of the Army Jawans. Besides, teachers from various schools of the cantonment area, counsellors and Paediatricians from the army were also present. The key speakers for the talks were Ms. Shaliniand Pradeep Sharma. The workshop was conducted under the auspicious presence of Brig. Mrs Sahai .

Topics covered under the workshop-

Comfort level with the child; Understanding Child sexual abuse
The problem; Concept of “NO”
Safe and Unsafe Touch; Who can be an abuser?
Signs of CSA; Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on the child
Role of Parents; The Law – POCSO
Child Helpline Number

Workshop Details

The two hours long session revolved around understanding Child Sexual Abuse and the law around it. The session was not only informative, but also interactive where mothers shared personal experiences in dealing with their child which were full of honesty. During the initial course of the workshop, various facets of a child’s development were deeply discussed, focussing on a child’s comfort zone and importance of spending quality time with the child as a pre-requisite for forming a bond of trust with the child, noticing the minute changes in our child’s behaviour and understanding how as a parent one can sensitively deal with our child’s emotions.

The latter half of the session revolved around understanding the legal aspects of the problem with emphasis on POCSO, entitlement to free legal aid and child helpline number. It was also shared as to why it is crucial to report such incidents. The recipients were also made aware of the existing child friendly courts and child friendly procedures as laid down under the law.

The session concluded with a promise to ensure a free and safe environment for not just our own child, but all children.

Concluding Remarks

Mrs. Sahai, in her thanks giving address to the NGO, Social Axiom Insignia concluded that Project CACAis indeed need of the hour. The army eagerly look forward for more such awareness and skill building workshops for all the stake holders i.e. parents, children and school teachers.

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