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Tell children that no one should touch or look at their private parts. No one should ask them to touch or look at their private parts.

The FAQs are Based on the Consensus Building Discussions held with 500+ schools teachers (kindergarten to class 12) from schools affiliated to state, central and foreign boards from January 2017 onwards at various locations (host institutions) on Utility and Implementation of CACA Safety Workbooks Series (Project CACA) in companionship with various boards like CBSE/CISCE circulars related to CSA/Child Rights/POCSO act; NCERT/UNFPA (under MWCD) Adolescence Education Programme (AEP). We request you to go through these FAQ’s and their responses. If you have a question that is not included, please write to us in the question box at FORUM. You can post your question on the FORUM under the category “CONSENSUS BUILDING”. If the moderator considers your question might be of interest, the question, along with its response, will be added to the FAQs. Remember! Consensus building is a continuous process.

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